Hydroform Block Maker

Solomon Gorvie has sent us photos of the Hydraform machine that has been donated to the ministries in Sierra Leone. Praise God for His blessings! We thank God for those who respond to the leading of the hand of God in their life. The Hydraform Interlocking Soil Block is an interlocking building block used in many African countries for construction purposes. The Hydraform block is made from a mixture of soil, cement and water.

The mix is hydraulically compressed to form a high quality interlocking soil block. Soil from the building site can be used to   manufacture building blocks. The Hydraform compressed earth block is cost  savings that are  involved during the construction process as only around 30% of the structure requires mortar between the blocks. This will make the building of churches and schools less costly, more efficient in building process, and gives us the ability to use the monies donated to this ministry to go further in sharing the Gospel.

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Solomon Gorvie, Country Director in Sierra Leone, reported last month the secondary school building in Gbangamma is about to be completed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we are going to show you the progress of the school. There are still things that must be done to have the school ready to be used this fall. This 30’ x 100’

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facility will house three hundred students who are eager to learn about God. Please
continue to pray for the money needed to finish and furnish this much needed building. We still need desks and chairs for the students. You can donate to have one built, ten built, or have them all built. Please use the enclosed response form and envelope to make this a reality today!


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